Monday, December 27, 2010

A Very Disney Christmas

So...Christmas at Disney World you might ask!? Well, it's a place that's been special to my family since we were little and we all still love it! So it made perfect sense (to us) that with us in Nashville, my parents in Midland, one brother in NYC and another in Dallas ... that we pick Orlando as our vacation location and all meet up! We had a blast and I just loved the 70 degree weather we enjoyed every day. We actually saw the sun ... then flew back to Tennessee just after they had another large snowfall! Trying to stay positive about the cold.... :) But back to Disney! It was a blast. We rode all the rides, saw all the characters (from a distance - you have to wait in mega lines to meet them, gone are the days of just going up to Mickey for a photo), saw awesome fireworks, ate great food, and had a wonderful week at the Happiest Place on Earth. Great way to spend Christmas, if you ask me. And the park had amazing Christmas decorations!! You know the family who had the mega Christmas decorations (you've seen it on YouTube) well, their neighborhood basically banned the Christmas craziness, so Disney offered to re-create the family's Christmas decor at the park. It was AWESOME - great lights, music, and they even made it snow!

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