Saturday, December 11, 2010

A few shenannigans

I've been cleaning out my camera and uploading some pics I haven't taken care of yet! Here are a few recent activities in our household. My friend Rebecca celebrated her birthday last weekend at Margaritaville. When the restaurant opened recently, Doug's dad (who's a huge Buffet fan) submited in a TX license plate and he was wondering if they put it up.

We found it! It's the one that says Tre Bon. Front and center on the roof of the tiki bar.

Our take on Margaritaville: touristy but still fun.
Rebecca and her boyfriend Paul.

Rebecca, me, and Geoff: co-workers at Vanderbilt.

My friend Allen's Ugly Christmas sweater party:

And another one with biz school peeps:

And the biz school Holiday Party, a.k.a "Owen Prom"

Some other biz school wives, I love this random pic!

Such sweet girls! I adore them all!

The dean of the biz school was dressed as Santa.

Deirdre - a biz student who I just LOVE!
And Liz another fellow Texan and biz wife... the pics I won't post are of us dancing the night much fun! Those are a few recent events for us! Happy weekend everyone!

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Allison said...

Hooray for holiday fun and parties! You look fabulous as always!