Wednesday, June 30, 2010


This morning at 9:15 I was showing my co-worker the video of *Doug getting his head shaved *(priorities, right!) when my phone rang and it was a Nashville number. Instantly I freaked out a little then tried to compose myself and prepare for news - good or bad.

THEY OFFERED ME THE JOB! I could not be more thrilled. Even if we weren't moving, this is a job I would be interested in doing anyway. What a blessing, and thank you Lord that it all worked out in the end. I'll be working at Vanderbilt under the Development/Alumni Relations department, specifically doing research to discover new donor prospects. It will be interesting and challenging and something I'm excited to sink my teeth into.

Today, about a bazillion of you have called/texted/sent messages of congratulations and to be honest, I am completely blown away! We have such wonderful friends who love and support us and genuinely want to see the Lord's will for our lives.'s setting in that we're actually leaving and now I have to put on my big girl panties and deal with it...

Now we're both Vanderbilt Commodores...!!! Doug and I are going out to celebrate tonight!

*Video of the head-shaving will be posted soon!*

Tuesday, June 29, 2010


That's right folks - this is a topic I take very seriously ... husband's hair! (Okay, I know it might be a slightly ridiculous blog post topic, but this blog is dedicated to our life as it changes, and as we move to Nashville and everything in between. There is a connection, if you'll allow me to make it.)

Let me just say first how much I love him and his adorably spike hair! If you don't know him, let me tell you he is an extremely practical person who loves saving money when possible, and where I can grow emotionally attached to things - he doesn't.

So he decided a few months ago to shave his head before we move. That's right, his gorgeous albeit spiky brown hair just gone! We currently pay the same amount for haircuts, so financially-speaking, it's a good move. Not to mention we're moving away from his hair person and Doug has described to me (more than once, because I just don't get it) how men fear seeing a new hair person and having to explain how they want their hair cut. Apparently, men like to sit down in the chair of a barber and simply state, "I'll have the usual." (Except, Doug sees my hair girl, Cristina, who is much more fancy/expensive than a plain ol barber.) The main point being he gets his hair cut pretty often and in the long run it will save a ton of money, since we're transitioning into one income.

He wanted to wait until closer to our move date and have our beloved Cristina shave his head, then teach me how to do it in the future. Well, that day is TODAY! Personal opinion, getting your head shaved is such a mixed bag because you might have a funny-shaped head and not even know it. Guess we'll find out... I will be there and plan to shoot video! So ... stay tuned for details please don't quit reading my blog!

Friday, June 25, 2010

A Few Favorites

If I haven't mentioned before, Dallas is excrutiatingly HOT right now! Last week, our A/C went out and we spent 2 nights sleeping downstairs where it's cooler before they came to fix it. Things were calm and cool again in the Midkiff household, that is, until our A/C broke again! They are coming Saturday to work their magic (hopefully!) In the meantime, when I've been getting ready in the morning I've been blasting a small table fan on high in the bathroom. Then I started thinking about how I love and appreciate several beauty products that I use all the time!!

What I'm sharing with you is my "beauty hit list" so to speak. And they're all inexpensive, so have fun shopping!

Working from head to toe:

This is a hair product made by Aveda called Phomollient. It's a liquid that comes out as a foam. I put it on my hair wet, and it adds tons of volume. Don't judge my hair by recent pictures, this product really is a miracle worker! And all Aveda products smell wonderful, so clean and fresh.

Bare Minerals powder: for years I wore a liquid foundation by Clinique and was skeptical when I heard about how great Bare Minerals was supposed to be. I mean, it's a powder right? All my experiences with powder = chalky and powdery white. Well, I went to Sephora and got a 2 week sample and 2 years later I still love it! The powder has an SPF 15 and it actually has great coverage that's natural (go figure, it sounds like an oxymoron) and it's not chalky at all. Beauty must have. I'm sure I am preaching to the choir on this one.

Origins eye shadow in Gold Dust. This color is a necessity, and no matter what eyeshadow I wear that day, I put this color on first. It looks great alone, and plays well with others, so to speak!

I stumbled upon this lip gloss about 5 years ago at Bath & Body Works in a bin by the checkout counter. I still wear it to this day! It's called "Liplicious" and the flavor is grapefruit. It tastes as good as it looks, and it's a great pink color. (This picture is a little darker than in reality.) I am addicted!
Another Bath & Body Works product: this is Tutti Dolci shower gel in Creme Brulee. Basically, tutti dolci is Italian for dessert, and I am not lying when I say this smells JUST like creme brulee. Who doesn't want to get squeaky clean and enjoy a calorie-free creme brulee at the same time?! It makes our bathroom smell great!

Lastly, my most imporant "beauty secret" is a committment to eating organic fruits and veggies - the more colorful your diet, the better! I am convinced pairing this with a fitness plan is the best thing you can do health-wise!

Hope you stay cool this weekend! I have a long to-do list this weekend that involves a Champions of Hope Happy Hour, a trip to Ikea, working on a freelance project, and packing!

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Quote of the Day

Photo: We Heart It
{Note: I've 'fallen off'... but it wasn't because I was standing still ... it was because my bike was going 90mph down a giant hill at White Rock Lake!}

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Favorite foods?

The past few weeks it's been painfully HOT in Dallas and let's face it ... I could not live without all the summer time tasty treats to keep cool!

I have gone to Sonic the past two days in a row now to get their cherry lime chiller (cherry lime + ice cream = awesome!) And it got me thinking, over the weekend I went to Yumilicious twice and before that I've made many a Sonic run for a large diet cherry coke, and back when I was in Austin with Doug we traipsed all over town to find the only, as it seems, sno-cone stand in town.

So now I turn the question over to YOU - what summer food are you fanatic over?? Don't be shy, I wanna know! Just click on your answer on my quiz to the right.


Check it OUT!

Good morning, everyone!

Just wanted to tell you about one of my favorite blogs I read EVERY DAY!

Allison is a fabulous blogger and is currently on her own journey - just moved from Texas2Chicago. I have enjoyed keeping up with her as she's moved and is now exploring the Windy City.

She's hosting a giveaway on her blog so check it out and REGISTER!

Monday, June 21, 2010

Currently Reading

The A/C is broken at work this morning... so in my self-inflicted pools of sweat I am choosing to take a quick blog break...
I am currently reading this book--

It's so, so good. Are you a woman? If the answer is yes, then you should read it too. Next up on my list is this:

I don't classify myself as Bush-lovers (or Bush-haters for that matter) I just think they're an interesting family, especially since they grew up in Midland (shout out!) My home town. In reading the description of the book, it says "Midland's Old Maid marries Midland's Most Eligible Bachelor." And it gives details on her tragic accident that ended in the death of a high school classmate, as well as living in the White House during 9/11 and other tumultous times. Stories are more interesting when told by the person who lived through them, am I right?

Sounds like the A/C might be kicking the gosh darn nick of time...

Monday, June 14, 2010

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Good Times with the Girls

Last weekend I met up with my college friends in Austin, and we all went down to Fredricksburg together. This is how we started the day, a group pic outside Lauren's parents' house in Fredricksburg. We stopped there to drop off her puppy, Dolly, so she could stay the day with the doggy grandparents. Will we ever get tired of taking group pics of ourselves? Doubtful.

First stop: Rather Sweet Bakery for lunch. Where the cookies were about the size of my face. Literally.

Filing in for home-cooked goodness.

I might mention here that in the past year-ish (collectively) we've been through grad school, family divorces and struggles, moving cross-state and (now we're moving cross-country) babies and weddings. So yeah, we've been through everything with one another, we're allowed to just get a little goofy every now and then.

These wine glasses say "Go Texan." Love it! Pinot Noir is my fave. :)

After lunch we went to Wildseed Farms - above is a pic of their sunflower fields. Below, some of the many, many wildflower seeds.

Taste-testing at Becker Vineyards.

Outside at the vineyards. At this point, it's quite possible I am sitting in a puddle of my own sweat.

Just ya know, hanging around. This was during one of our many shopping excursions on Main St.

We take ourselves very seriously.

Singing Glee!!

Monday, June 7, 2010

Bucket List

There are a couple of things Doug and I want to do before we leave Dallas - most of them involving different restaurants we need to hit up before we go. My top "must eat again" restaurant is Lumi Kitchen -- if you're in the McKinney/Uptown Dallas area run don't walk to Lumi Kitchen. Your tastebuds will be glad you did.

One of the other things we had on our "must-do" list was to visit the Sixth Floor Museum. This is the place memorializing where JFK was parading through Dallas, and ultimately shot and killed. Neither of us had ever been, and it would be a shame to leave Dallas without having ever visited the spot. So I printed out online coupons from the trusty Dallas Visitor's Guide and off we went.

They don't let you take pictures inside the museum, but here's a few shots around the outside of the museum. I was struck by many things, but one thing that I could not get over was how dignified, respectful and classy Jackie was. You could pluck her out of those photos from the 60's and put her in society today and she would totally fit right in, style-wise. I am sure she was a fabulous lady.

Anyway, a few pics:

The Dallas Newspaper's headline behind me reads, "Mourning Nation Bids Chief Farewell"

Infamous grassy knoll!


Okay, I know I've been negligent in my posting, and I know you don't really care are holding your breath waiting to hear what I've been up to lately!

First, an update on the butter rum pound cake I told you about here. On Doug's birthday right before serving the cake I whipped up the bananas foster sauce and had a blast torching it right before serving. It turned out fabulously so I really recommend you try it sometime! I mean, if it weren't for Doug's birthday I could have let myself eat the whole thing. But that's not socially acceptable nor is it healthy! Anyways.

Doug had a fabulous birthday - he got a netbook (teeny tiny laptop) he had been eyeing for a long time. It will be great for him to tote to and from classes at Vandy and is really light and easy to carry.

That weekend we headed to Austin so I could go to my friend Lisa's bachelorette party, and Doug and I squeezed in some hang out time: lunch on the lake and then swimming at the freezing Barton Springs pool in Austin. I seriously love the hippy weird-ness that is Austin and will miss that when we move!

Lunch at Abel's on the Lake -- Lake Travis

They called this South Padre Tea- I called it delicious

Lisa -- who's getting married July 30!

Barton Springs, the water is 68 degrees and it feels like it's about 32.

Keep Austin Weird!