Tuesday, June 29, 2010


That's right folks - this is a topic I take very seriously ...

...my husband's hair! (Okay, I know it might be a slightly ridiculous blog post topic, but this blog is dedicated to our life as it changes, and as we move to Nashville and everything in between. There is a connection, if you'll allow me to make it.)

Let me just say first how much I love him and his adorably spike hair! If you don't know him, let me tell you he is an extremely practical person who loves saving money when possible, and where I can grow emotionally attached to things - he doesn't.

So he decided a few months ago to shave his head before we move. That's right, his gorgeous albeit spiky brown hair just gone! We currently pay the same amount for haircuts, so financially-speaking, it's a good move. Not to mention we're moving away from his hair person and Doug has described to me (more than once, because I just don't get it) how men fear seeing a new hair person and having to explain how they want their hair cut. Apparently, men like to sit down in the chair of a barber and simply state, "I'll have the usual." (Except, Doug sees my hair girl, Cristina, who is much more fancy/expensive than a plain ol barber.) The main point being he gets his hair cut pretty often and in the long run it will save a ton of money, since we're transitioning into one income.

He wanted to wait until closer to our move date and have our beloved Cristina shave his head, then teach me how to do it in the future. Well, that day is TODAY! Personal opinion, getting your head shaved is such a mixed bag because you might have a funny-shaped head and not even know it. Guess we'll find out... I will be there and plan to shoot video! So ... stay tuned for details please don't quit reading my blog!

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