Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Good Times with the Girls

Last weekend I met up with my college friends in Austin, and we all went down to Fredricksburg together. This is how we started the day, a group pic outside Lauren's parents' house in Fredricksburg. We stopped there to drop off her puppy, Dolly, so she could stay the day with the doggy grandparents. Will we ever get tired of taking group pics of ourselves? Doubtful.

First stop: Rather Sweet Bakery for lunch. Where the cookies were about the size of my face. Literally.

Filing in for home-cooked goodness.

I might mention here that in the past year-ish (collectively) we've been through grad school, family divorces and struggles, moving cross-state and (now we're moving cross-country) babies and weddings. So yeah, we've been through everything with one another, we're allowed to just get a little goofy every now and then.

These wine glasses say "Go Texan." Love it! Pinot Noir is my fave. :)

After lunch we went to Wildseed Farms - above is a pic of their sunflower fields. Below, some of the many, many wildflower seeds.

Taste-testing at Becker Vineyards.

Outside at the vineyards. At this point, it's quite possible I am sitting in a puddle of my own sweat.

Just ya know, hanging around. This was during one of our many shopping excursions on Main St.

We take ourselves very seriously.

Singing Glee!!

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