Monday, December 13, 2010

"It’s Christmas, and we’re all miserable." -Christmas Vacation

I couldn't help but think of that quote this morning! Last night, Doug probably had the craziest night of his life in Nashville so far ... here's the story:

About 3:30 or 4 on Sunday afternoon Doug was heading up to the school to study for a final today and a few others this week. He told me I'd probably be asleep by the time he got back home. He was prepared for a late night.

About 1:00 a.m. last night, I kept hearing faint noises, like Doug had come inside and was getting something to eat from the kitchen, not sure exactly. The heater was on and so was the fan in our bedroom, not to mention our walls are made like they don't make 'em anymore - sturdy - we never hear anything! So these noises were faint and I couldn't tell what Doug was up to. I was laying there and kept wondering when Doug was coming to bed.

FINALLY - he comes into our room to wake me up (I was awake at this point) and he said hey I need you to bundle up and come with me in the 4Runner (Doug's car). "Why," I asked. "Because I locked the keys in the car at school (my car, the CRV, lovingly called 'Millie'). The car is still at school and I had to run home in the ice." Me, being a genius at 1 a.m., said well why don't you just call a locksmith? Well he tried, apparently he called 4 or 5 different places and no one would send out a dispatch, the roads were too treacherous. (Doug's astute comment later about one particular locksmith company was, "They should really take the word 'emergency' out of their name.")

Anywho, back to 1-something-a.m., Doug said he tried to call me about 20 times and I didn't answer. Well, my phone was on silent. Whoops. So...I got him the spare CRV key...then Doug admitted my car was still running. Yikes. Then he said he pounded on the apartment door for about 20 minutes (the noises I heard) and he woke up all the neighbors and their dogs (Whoops again). So Doug was locked out, I wasn't hearing him banging nor was I getting up anytime soon, my phone was on silent...he had no way of getting in. So... he did the next logical thing. We have a built-in armoire in our dining room with a random tiny square cut-out at the bottom below the last shelf and the cut-out is like a tiny little door. (I don't know, we live in an old hotel.) Anyway, the cut out opens into our apartment building's interior hallway. Doug used his pocketknife (thanks, mom and dad!) to unscrew the hinges on that little door, and he shimmied on his stomach through the bottom of the armoire. (Taking time to carefully move and re-arrange our wine glasses and vases, no doubt!)

So that's how he got in! Anyway, he wanted me to go with him to drive one of the cars back. I convinced him that wasn't necessary (bed was so warm) so he drove himself back to campus in the 4Runner, unlocked Millie, turned her off, and left my car on campus overnight and drove himself back home, safe and sound.

How's that for the night before a final exam?!?!?!

Everything, the running home in the snow, the 4 locksmiths who wouldn't help Doug, the shimmy-ing through the armoire, the fact that my phone was on silent the entire time, it's quite hilarious today. But last night, no one was laughing though!!!

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