Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Thanks George Strait...

...for making me cry on my way to work this morning! And thanks Lauren for making me a fabulous CD!!! I had a fun-filled weekend with friends and I can't wait to share. Until I upload pics, here's the lyrics to the song:

There wouldn't be no Alamo
No Cowboys in the Superbowl
No "Lonesome Dove"
no "Yellow Rose"
If it wasn't for Texas.

I wouldn't be a Willie fan
Nobody'd swim the Rio Grande
I wouldn't be an American
If it wasn't for Texas

Fort Worth would never cross my mind
And there'd be no Austin City limits sign
No Lonestar of any kind
If it wasn't for Texas

I'd never've gone to Tennessee
To sing my songs an' chase my dreams
Only Heaven knows just where I'd be
If it wasn't for Texas

It made me the man I am
Thank God for my old stompin' ground
I wouldn't be standin' right here, right now
If it wasn't for Texas

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