Friday, July 9, 2010

An Open Letter to the Lone Star State

Dear Texas,

You've been a good friend to me, always been there for me my whole life. After all, your Indian name Tejas means "friend."

Now, you are fickle and antagonistic at times: I can recall numerous times it's snowed on Easter and I've worn shorts in December. Why so difficult? It's okay though...

Your people are proud - perhaps to a fault?! Texas was once it's own country, brews its own beer , and has everything from superhighways to farm-to-market roads. We have our own type of music and dancing, food, culture and customs. No doubt I will miss my favorite Tex-Mex when I'm gone. We Texans have our own style, borrowed a little from the south and a little from the west and call it cowboy chic. I will miss the hairspray and teased hair.

We have beaches, mountains, canyons and plains. We have windy days and rainy days - but if I don't like the weather - I'll wait it out 15 minutes then it's gone. There's nothing like a Lubbock thunderstorm - watching the lightning from my college apartment balcony was fabulous.

Texas - I'm moving on now. It's not you ... we've certainly had some great times. There's a mysterious allure of "The South" that I must follow ... but I'll be back soon.

Lots of love,
Stephanie M.


lauren said...

this is awesome. "that guy sooo just littered! He soooo just messed with texas!"

Rachel said...

awe...texas misses you already. I dont know if this break up will last...