Thursday, July 22, 2010

Last Few Dallas Days ... Part 1

This has been a fabulous week of seeing so many friends before we move. It's been one giant marathon social session, and I love it! Since this blog is called "texas2nashville," I guess all this is pretty crucial in the moving timeline. So the next few blogs are going to be heavy on the pictures! Here's day 1:

My college buddies all got together and hosted a send-off dinner for Doug and I at one of my favorite restaurants in Dallas, Margarita Ranch. The. fajitas. are. to. die. for. It was so sweet because some came from Austin and Houston to be with us!! So fun!

This is a pretty typical picture!

Jenn and Jayci - Dallas friends

Amy L- I've known this girl a loong time! Such a sweetheart!

Amy, Rachel and Jess

They put together a goodie basket for us full of "Texas stuff" including this mini cowboy hat. Also yellow roses, all kinds of Texas salsa and jam, a Texas country cd, and a stuffed Davy Crockett doll from the Texas History Museum in Austin. Hilarious!

Sarah and Lauren - these girls have made life a lot more fun!

Clay, Doug and Dan -

Doug and I with Dan and D'Ann -

And Clay and Jess-

After an amazing dinner and margaritas we headed to Trinity Pub. Who knew on Sunday nights they do Trivia and people are really into their Trivia - we got "shushed" more than once!

Who shushes someone at a bar?

Mary - love her!!
It was such a fun night and the beginning to a VERY fun week. More to come!

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