Sunday, July 25, 2010

Last Few Dallas Days...Part 3

*I am writing this while the movers are at our place. I'm so thankful it's not me carrying our stuff down our 3-story condo! When we moved in we enlisted family and friends, and I basically cussed the entire way. Doug and I promised we'd pay people the next go-round. And now that day has arrived, 18 months later. They had to remove our banisters as they carry the big furniture down the stairs. It's a looong way down and I'm currently a basket case!*

Now back to the topic at hand:

After a fabulous Monday off, I went back to the office for my last 4 days of work. As I rounded the corner from the elevator this is the first thing I saw:

this sign --

and as I continued down the hall--

getting closer to my department's area--

So fun!

An homage to Texas Tech and Vandy--

Can't forget about food--

And my desk! People came by all week to visit and get a "goodbye kiss."

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