Friday, July 23, 2010

Last Few Dallas Days ... Part 2

Since Rachel, Lauren and Sarah came in for the weekend they stuck around till Monday! I took the day off from work and we had a play day. We had breakfast at Buzzbrews. Little Kate (Rachel's 9 month old) joined us too. It's amazing how much personality Kate already has and it's so cute how she can do little funny tricks! When we hosted a baby shower for Rachel last year, Sarah so eloquently vocalized what we were all thinking, "Oh lord, we're reproducing now! Heaven help us!" I know Rachel's a great mom and I'm so proud of her. Here we are at the hospital when Kate was born. Yes, we're in matching pink shirts!

Nine months ago...

To now-


After breakfast we said our goodbyes to Rachel and Kate who were heading back to Houston that morning. Then Lauren, Sarah and I picked up another friend Ashley and headed to Forever 21 to look for the perfect romper. You know rompers ... shorts and shirt in one ... we had grand ideas of heading to Six Flags in matching rompers (given the matching pink shirts, are you that surprised?) Turns out their stock was pretty low, so only Sarah came out successful in the romper department. Then we headed to Six Flags ... rode a few roller coasters ... got a little sweaty...laughed a lot ... saw a kid throw up on Judge Roy Scream ... called it a day!

We grabbed dinner at Eatzi's then headed back to the condo. Then Lauren and Sarah headed back to Austin. It was such a great weekend - I love them for coming up to Dallas to hang out one last time!

ALL DAY we were quoting this video from youtube:

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