Sunday, September 19, 2010

Weekend Update: Football and Food

This has been Restaurant Week in Nashville, which meant all the best places were offering great specials on their menus! We ate at a place called Tayst, the only officially certified green restaurant in Nashville. We loved the food -- organic, local and very tasty! One interesting thing Doug pointed out - the only way we knew it was certified green was that I read about it online. They didn't tout it on their menus, their servers didn't say anything about it to us, it almost felt like that should be normal, routine. Dallas is quite the contrast. It's hip and trendy to be local, organic and green, and we've been to a dozen (delicious!) Dallas restaurants that really like to broadcast their hip and trendi-ness. We thought that was an interesting cultural nuance!

I have no pictures from the first half of the weekend because my camera's batteries ran out!

Saturday was spent running in preparation of next weekend's race. Then I drove to Franklin on what I'd describe as a golden autumn-ish afternoon to meet an old high school friend. I have not seen her since our freshman year of college and it was a fun reunion! We shopped, ate, and just caught up. It's cool how so many things change over the years but also so many things stay the same about people! I have decided that Franklin is like Mayberry: perfect and quaint and everyone just polite and friendly. I can't wait to go back over Christmas when the square is all decorated.

THEN - Saturday night was the annual Battle of the Midkiffs (a.k.a. Texas Tech vs. UT) Let's face it, I didn't think Tech would upset UT, but it was a good time, and once a year I enjoy the Big 12 rivalry between us. We went to a bbq joint that's owned by a UT alum, and the Nashville chapter of the Texas Exes watch every game there. There's several people in the business school also who went to UT so we all got together to watch the game. The place was a sea of burnt orange! It was like stepping back into Texas for the night - the place was covered in Texas memorabilia and longhorn stuff. There were 4 Red Raiders in the place, and I wouldn't be surprised if we were the only 4 Red Raiders in the whole Nashville area! We were the minority, but cheered loudly when we scored our 2 touchdowns! :) Maybe next year, Tech!!!

2 of the 4 Red Raiders + 1 Cornhusker!! We banded together!

My friend Kristine who I knew back in Lubbock. She's in Nashville managing her sister Heather who's about to release her first album!

It's Sunday night and I'm with Doug at Fido, our favorite local coffeehouse. He is working on like a bajillion assignments at once and I am goofing around! That's what our life looks like these days!


Bethany Frisch said...

I don't know who your Cornhusker friend is, but she has great taste! She would have fit in nicely where I was!

Stephanie said...

I thought about you when I met her!!! I've heard Nebraska could be the silent force in Big 12 this year - go out with a bang!