Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Empire State of Mind

Happy long weekend everyone! I thoroughly enjoyed not working for a few days and headed up to NYC for the long weekend. Doug's g-ma invited us awhile back to go with her and some other family to the Big Apple - I jumped at the offer, but Doug had to decline due to grad school. Vandy didn't even give him Monday off, he actually had a stats quiz and a paper due, how's that for Labor Day?

Anyway, I flew up there by myself and met up with Doug's aunt Allison, his cousins Jordan and Chad, their significant others Emily and Lara, Doug's grandma (Nan), and my little bro Michael who happend to move to NYC in January. All in all, made for a fun weekend.

We stayed at The Park Lane Hotel, close enough to Central Park for Allison and I to go jogging in the mornings. We hit up Canal Street and came home with some fabulous treasures (2 pashminas for $8 anyone?) some funky cocktail rings and bracelets, haggled for fake Louis Vuittons and took FULL advantage of Emily's employee discount at Bloomingdale's. I came home with a Coach purse for a steal. We ate tons of great food and saw Chicago up close and personal on the front row. Hmm... what else did we do...eating and shopping, that pretty much sums it up! Allison was the real photographer of the bunch but here are a few photos:

Italian food, yum!

Allison and Lara at the Magnolia Bakery in West Village, amazing cupcakes!

For Sunday brunch we went to the River Cafe, it's on the water just across the Brookly Bridge. Great food and a great view of Manhattan. And if I tilted my head just right, I could see Lady Libert from my seat at the table. I had to take a picture of my food - whole wheat waffles with caramelized bananas and a scoop of vanilla bean fro-yo. I will eat fro you for breakfast anytime!

They loved us so much at the River Cafe they brought out their dessert masterpiece, the chocolate Brooklyn Bridge.

This was just outside the restaurant.

My brother came with us!

On our way to dinner one night - I think we were heading to Balthazar - french food night!

Lara and Nan

One of the last things before I headed back - a boat cruise on the Hudson River. It was actually my first time to see the Statue of Liberty in person besides from an airplane. Prett cool!

Now - back to Tennessee and back to work. What did you do for the weekend?

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