Saturday, September 25, 2010

Race Results + Weekend Fun

Post-race, and feeling not too shabby!

Okay so today turned out way more awesome than I expected! First of all, the weather was perfect. According to Mr. Weather Man on Channel 4, Nashville saw it's last 90 degree day on Friday. This morning they talked about a possibility of rain, but we avoided all that. It was cool in the morning and warmed up enough to be very pleasant.

Doug and I arrived downtown outside the Country Music Hall of Fame to a sea of women wearing mostly pink. :) I'd say a total of (give or take) 20 men raced today, so Doug was definitely in the minority. It was a great race atmosphere. For not having trained extensively, I was extremely pleased with my results - I came in only 2 min slower than last year at the White Rock where I trained a whole lot more! All in all, a fun day.

Afterwards we met some friends for brunch at Marche, which is quickly becoming a favorite of mine. Then I went with Kristi and Lindsey to the Craft Fair that was going on at the park by my apartment. It was a lot of Ruidoso, NM style southwestern art. Which is cool, if that's your thing. It wasn't the etsy-type of crafts we were hoping for. We pledged to have a craft party around Christmas time.

All in all, a great Saturday morning. I feel like we are going to nap with the Arkansas/Alabama game in the background :) What did you do this weekend?

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