Sunday, September 12, 2010

Weekend Recap

It has definitely started to feel like autumn here in Nashville. I love it!

I may or may not have signed myself up for a half marathon in 2 weeks ... yep that's right, kind of spur of the moment decision! Doug's mom and dad will be coming to town that weekend; Pamela is running the half with me, while Doug and Paul run the 5K. If the weather is anything like it was this weekend it will be absolutely gorgeous! The race finishes at the Country Music Hall of Fame, and I figure it will be a great way to see parts of Nashville I haven't been to yet.

These are my new running shoes I got over the weekend. Aren't they pretty?

Friday night, Doug and I made dinner and dessert at home. We made bananas foster from this recipe from Alton Brown and let's face it, what's not to love about setting your dessert on fire? :) We loved it.

Saturday we went to the Owen Business School's tailgate for the Vanderbilt/LSU game. Overall, I'd say there were as many (if not more) LSU fans than Vanderbilt Commodores. Guess that's what happens when your football team loses more than it wins. They know how to throw one great party though. It's the first tailgate I've been to that had a dj, the culinary club made dinner, flip cup tables, mardi gras party favors and a guy dressed as a cucumber. And that's just the business school tailgate! We had a blast and no one cared that VU lost. Game, there's a game going on? Do you mean the Alabama game? I think you get the picture! Anyway, a great time was had by all.

Allen, me, Kristi and Lindsey at the tailgate ---

The cucumber. Seriously, don't ask because I don't know!

I signed up for a program called "First Friends" through Vanderbilt. The International Student Office pairs up American families with international students. Today was "match day" where I met my new friend. Her name is Sophie, she's from Taiwan and super sweet. Turns out, she lives walking distance from our apartment. They encourage you to "exchange cultures," so she's going to come over for an American dinner at our place and she's invited us to an Asian pot luck dinner they're having. Other than that, they just ask that you be a point of reference for someone new to America. Doug and I told Sophie we are from Texas and asked what her first thought about Texas is. On cue she said cowboys and horses! We set her straight :) and I've already learned that Taiwan is the size of Chicago and they speak Mandarin Chinese and she told me it's crowded and there's nothing to do there and she loves the U.S.

My new friend Sophie.
My husband climbing on the dragon! He cracks me up.
It was a great weekend. What did you do?


pamela said...

OR we could run in tornado weather! Thanks for reminding me I need new shoes, and maybe i should even run or something....nah....I'll just show up and hope for the best. Love all the pics, New York and Owen tailgating!

Stephanie said...

I logged 11 miles this weekend, but that was over the weekend...not in one day! And get ready, it's super hilly here!