Sunday, February 6, 2011

The Year of Doug (err, the Rabbit)

When I started working at Vandy I signed up for a program where I'm matched with a student who came from a foreign country. It's sort of a friendship exchange program. I was matched with Sophie, who is from Taiwan but did her undergrad at Purdue. I went into it thinking I would teach her all about America but not only is she totally at home here, she's taught me TONS about Asia! She's in a one-year master's of finance program at Owen, sort of like what Doug's doing but sort of not really. Anyway, Sophie is awesome! We had her and her roommate Wei over for dinner one night (I hope I'm spelling your name right!)

Sophie invited me to the annual Chinese New Year's Celebration which was last night on campus. It was awesome! They had an amazing dinner of Chinese food and while we ate they broadcast the New Year's Show, sort of like Rockin New Year's Eve here in NYC. I learned this is the Year of the Rabbit, which is what Doug's mom has called him since he was tiny. (He had more energy than the energizer bunny, still does!) So ... it's the year of Doug. :) Anyway, after dinner came the performances, singers, student films, tiny kiddos doing cultural dances, ballerinas with swords, it was all very entertaining! I have learned tons about the Chinese/Asian culture and have made a new friend too. :)

Doug and I at the New Year's Celebration

Sophie and some of her friends (terrible picture quality, I know!)

The tiny dancers. What could be cuter than little girls dressed as bunny rabbits?

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