Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Lone Star Weekend

Last Friday after worked I hopped a plane to Dallas and was greeted by my wonderful friend Stephanie who I first lived with in Dallas. We both moved from Lubbock to Dallas and were roomies for the first few years. I. Just. Love. Her. She stood beside me on my wedding day - friends don't get any better than that! Steph was just getting off her night shift at the hospital in Plano when she picked me up and we had a 45 minute "speed date" while she drove me to my brother's apartment downtown.

We didn't take any pictures so I am posting this one - this was us having breakfast the morning of the day I got engaged! Anywho, then I stayed with my brother one night and the next morning I got up super early and went for a run down Greenville Avenue. I laughed to myself counting the number of amazing Tex Mex restaurants I ran by in just a 5 mile span... there was a lot. Good Tex Mex is hard to find in Nashville for obvious reasons! Randy and I met up with his girlfriend Janice for breakfast at Cafe Brazil (one of my personal favorite breakfast spots). She is super sweet and it was great meeting her!

Then I hopped back on a Southwest plane this time headed to Midland. I was greeted at the airport by my parents (fresh off their own plane from Hawaii) with a orchid lei straight from Maui. These things seriously smell amazing. The first thing we did when I got in the car was drive straight to Rosa's Cafe (West Texas peeps, you know what I'm talking about! It's the BEST Mexican food!)

It was good being home, which consisted of a lot of good home cooked food, waaay overdue mani/pedis, watching lots of Iron Chef, wine, and playing with Duke, our tiny little chihuahua! Saturday night one of my dearest friends from high school had an couples shower. It was like a mini high school reunion all in itself. I was actually quite suprised at just how many people in our class have moved back to Midland. Anwyay, it was a blast to see everyone and I could not be more thrilled for Amy and Ryan to get married, they've met and started dating junior year of high school! Their wedding will be in San Antonio in March and I'm super excited for another upcoming mini vacay in Texas. I didn't take many pics at the party because there was a photographer snapping tons of shots everywhere, but I did snag Amy for a photo!

Sunday was going to my parents church and again seeing tons of people - mostly my friends' parents which is also fun! Then Amy had a bridal shower that afternoon. Another fun time!

Monday was a little bit of shopping, a dentist appt (courtsey of dear old dad) and lunch with my mom. Then I headed back east - had my plane been ANY later I would have been grounded due to all the crazy weather the nation's been facing. Luckily, my flights were perfectly fine and I even was on the same plane as Ben Stein!! (I resisted making any jokes about winning his money. Although I seriously had to bite my tongue.)

All in all the weekend gets two thumbs up!!

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