Sunday, October 17, 2010

Weekend Happenings: Outdoor-style!!

This weekend we turned off the a/c and opened was just so gorgeous outside. Autumn in Tennessee continues to amaze me! It's wonderful. :) A friend told me people here celebrate autumn like a holiday, and I think she's pretty much right.

Friday night, Doug and I got together with some Texan friends to watch the Rangers lose Friday night (boo), but they are doing so well now! Yay!

Saturday, we headed out to Cheekwood, the Nashville botanical garden. My sweet husband suggested we get a year-long family membership. We scored a reduced student rate, and if we go at least twice we have pretty much paid for the family pass. PLUS, we can bring guests with us all year long! Not a bad deal if you ask me. The special exhibit right now is called Chihuly at Cheekwood. It ends next week so we were hurrying to catch it before its gone. Chihuly is a famous glass blower - if you've ever been to the Bellagio in Vegas he did the crazy stuff that hangs from the ceiling. Now...if you'll allow me, here's an explosion of pictures from that trip. I could not help myself, it was awesome.

Ok, this first one isn't actually at Cheekwood, Doug and I had lunch at the Farmer's Market and this the view of the state capitol from where we had lunch.

This was the start of our day at Cheekwood. There was random crazy colored glass just placed around the gardens.

Isn't he cute?!

Japanese gardens!

This was my favorite one.

Might sound weird but this one totally inspired me and gave me ideas for our Christmas tree this year!

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