Friday, October 22, 2010

Homecoming/Reunion Weekend

This weekend is Vandy's homecoming. They are playing South Carolina, and they are going to get killed. That's okay though, I don't know many who really attribute much football prowess to the ol Vanderbilt Commodores. Doug and I went to a game against Eastern Michigan (and Vandy happened to win!) but it was more like a high school football game than anything else. I am from West TX okay, I would know!

Anyway, Vanderbilt schedules the class reunions the same weekend as homecoming, probably to sort of hide the fact that they are going to lose the big game. What they lack in athleticism they make up for in school pride, really! Tons of events are happening all weekend. Tonight, I am working the Class of 2005 Reunion party under a tent on the lawn on campus. I will just sort of take their tickets or money and point them to the food and margarita machines. Not a bad deal.

Every year at homecoming the student organizations on campus host a big concert called Commodore Quake. They bring in all kinds of big name pop or r&b stars. This year? None other than Snoop Dogg - lol. Is that not hilarious?

Tomorrow Doug and I are going to the Owen Business School tailgate (it's always a great party - let's be honest we are probably skipping the game.) I am looking forward to this weekend - it will make for some good people watching and hopefully a good story or two! Happy weekend, everyone!

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