Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Super Lame!

So the perfect Christmas gift was delivered to my inbox this morning, sort of. I got an e-mail about Williams-Sonoma’s wine of the month club, which my parents have signed Doug and I up for before. We loved it! It was a good way to try new wine without the pressure of choosing one at the store, it just arrives at your doorstep.

I was definitely considering asking for this for my birthday. Keeping bottles of wine in our home right now is one of those luxuries that has gone by the wayside since we’ve been on an one-income budget in grad school. Not to mention, if you sign up right now they’re running a special where you get two extra bottles of pinot noir FREE! I was definitely jazzed until I learned that they don’t deliver wine in Tennessee. Something about the laws makes it impossible. Seriously, lame Tennessee, lame!! Someone sign up and let me know how it is!!

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