Monday, January 10, 2011

Winter Wonderland/Weekend Update

Hello everyone! I will start by saying that I woke up this morning with a text from Pamela, my mother in law, "Just saw on the news that TN has declared a weather related state emergency. Everything ok with yall?" To which I replied "We got 3 in of snow but other parts got up to 10. More to come tomm, this will get interesting. It sucks!"

And that folks, is exactly how I feel.

The snow is absolutely beautiful but it just makes getting around town so
darn inconvenient! Give me a fire and a cup of hot cocoa then we'll chat. :) I am trying to stay positive because winter here lasts much longer than I'm used to! Seeing as it's only January, we have several months of winter to go, but I am thinking March will bring my happy place. Maybe I will learn to love the cold in time. :)

On a lighter, happier note, we had a wonderful weekend here in Nash! Doug and I went and checked out the Impressionist exhibit at the Frist Center for Visual Arts. Ever since I was little I had adored the work of the Impressionists...Degas and Cezanne in particular! Two thumbs up there. Saturday Doug was working on a project in sustainability while I had my first Team Rio run! I loved hearing about the charity we're raising money for - Big Brothers Big Sisters - and the impact they're making on Middle Tennessee. Then we went for a chilly 5 miler - that's right, I know I just complained about the cold, but when you're moving fast and with a group of people you can chat with, I swear it's not that bad. :) We had a lovely dinner Saturday night at Sunset Grill (another 2 thumbs up - I had the stuffed acorn squash and it was delicious!)and Sunday was church, some cooking, another chilly 5 miler with my friend Kristi and otherwise just hanging out. Bring on the work week!

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Carissa said...

hi hi!! It was so great meeting you too and I'm excited to keep up with your cute blog! : )