Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Cabin Fever!

This past weekend Doug and I had a major case of cabin fever what with all the cold weather we've been dealt lately! We wanted to get out of Nashville and see something new. So we spun the globe (not really) and our fingers landed on Louisville, KY. Turns out, it's a lovely city with an awesome riverfront and a vibrant downtown. We landed a sweet deal on a hotel, and were on our way.

On our way!

We had dinner at the River Bend Winery - good food, good music, good wine!

Then we headed to Proof, a restaurant inside a modern art museum and hotel. We had dessert and of course I had to try some of the famed local Kentucky bourbon. (When in Rome, right?)

Sunday morning we had brunch at an amazing spot called Ramsi's Cafe on the World. Anytime the two words brunch and buffet are side by side, you know you're in for a treat. I will go back again just for brunch at Ramsi's one day.

We toured Churchill Downs, where they hold the Kentucky Derby each year. This is me in front of the horse Barbaro.
At the paddock where the jockeys and the horses parade out!

I don't know if you can see the statue of the guy in the back, but he's the all-time winningest jockey at Churchill Downs. They gave the poor guy a break and made the statue 2 inches taller than he really is, he's tiny - 4'10"!

Winners Circle!
The Derby is always the first weekend in May, which is when our anniversary is. We promised each other that we'd make it back one day for the race. Big hats, dresses, and mint juleps? Yes please!
This is the Ohio River front --
Had a blast!

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kristine said...

How fun are ya'll!! love it :)