Saturday, August 14, 2010

Eat, Drink, and Be Married

Location: Bongo Java Coffeehouse, Nashville
Listening to: "Dave Barnes, What We Want, What We Get"
Feeling: Sore, because I started P90X workouts this week. It's the good kind of sore, but my calves sure do hurt!

Our internet was supposed to be connected this weekend. Alas! We keep running into issues...I blame AT&T! Anyway, sooner or later it will get ironed out. In the meantime, here I am at Bongo Java!

This is just a quick photo recap of the wedding last weekend in Dallas!

The rehearsal dinner was at Viking Culinary School on McKinney Avenue in Dallas. It was SO FUN because before dinner they held a cooking competition. We were broken into 4 teams and each team had to use the following ingredients: poblano pepper, shrimp, feta and rice. Other than that, it was up to us. They had a whole kitchen and pantry at our disposal. It was SO FUN! Luckily, we weren't eating our creations for dinner.

Me, Weslee and Lauren before the competition was underway.

The head chef was explaining ground rules.

We had 40 minutes to make something awesome! We were judged on teamwork, cleanliness, taste and presentation.

Jessi and Justin (bride and groom) and the head chef were the judges.

Ours looked pretty on the plate, but I'm pretty sure it tasted awful. Too many cooks spoil the pot!

Wedding day prep!

Weslee sang during the ceremony, and it was beautiful!

Midland friends!

My friends and their sweet babies, Evie and Shiloh.

The reception was at The Joule Hotel and it was beautiful!

Great night!

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