Monday, May 17, 2010

Hot Springs Recap

Doug and I decided to spend our 1st wedding anniversary in Hot Springs. Neither of us had ever really been to Arkansas, only through it, and we just love the idea of the spas, couples massages and everything they offer! Lately when I go on vacation, my goal is to get as much R&R as possible, so Hot Springs seemed right up our alley. With our attempt to "pare down" our budget since we're going from two salaries to one, I was amazed at our fabulous-for-less vacation!

This bed & breakfast is over 125 years old. The lady of the house helped Hot Springs establish their opera house and public library. She also was on the committee to get Arkansas a state flag and state bird. Moving from the east, Arkansas was still a fronteir town and gasp such a disgrace that the town didn't have all these proper things. Her husband was a doctor so they were very wealthy.

The water just flows up from the ground - and it's hot!

This was set up in our room - they had chocolate, champagne, and flowers waiting for us.
We toured one of the historic bath houses, this was the gorgeous stained glass in the men's locker room. There are only 2 bath houses still in operation today.

I think this was called the needle shower - lots of points of water shooting out at you. Back in the day, they believed the mineral waters to contain healing properties, and people flocked from all over the states to come to Hot Springs.

Outside of the Fordyce bath house. Very lovely!

This was behind bath house row. There are streams of hot water behind us.

Waited for 45 in line for our dinner cruise! Got a little bored...

On top of the boat from our dinner cruise. The "dancing" portion involved some rap music and some booty dancing - we chose to watch, not participate!

Back at the b&b - all of the woodwork was hand crafted.

Sunday, before we left, we climbed to the top of the mountain and went to the observation tower.

Bye Hot Springs! Had a blast!

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